Movie - Johnny Depp

Actor: Johnny Depp

Do I really have to explain this list? REALLY? I'm a girl, he's gorgeous, beautiful, has an awesome voice, is an awesome actor ... it's JOHNNY DEPP, ffs! I saw him first ... uh. Ages ago on 21 Jump street but like it was with Heath Ledger that was pre-internet and I didn't really follow up on him. After starting collecting DVDs and favoring certain actors he is still pretty much top of the list and unfortunately he is so damn busy with making movies ... I'm missing a great deal in my collection. But hey, I keep adding ;)
This is the list so far:

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Movie - Hugh Jackman

Actor: Hugh Jackman

First time I've seen him was X-Men I think ... after that - and after hooking up with some friends on a fanboard - I started buying older movies, too .... I'm so not up to date with Hugh Jackman's movies, but I'll keep collecting since I think he's an awesome actor, has a beautiful voice (and boy, than man can sing!!! *dies*) and does a great job on all the movies I've seen so far ... so yeah, I'll keep track, that's for sure.
So far I have these movies:

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Movie - Orlando Bloom

Actor: Orlando Bloom

First time I saw Orlando was in the first Lord of the Rings movie - like most people, I guess. I decided to follow up on him just for the fun of it. To be honest, I like him. He's beautiful, he has a nice voice ... but acting? There's better actors out there. In my humbled opinion Orlando Bloom has a lot to learn but I'll go into more details in my reviews of his movies.
Hate me for saying this, you're not alone. I'm just convinced that he certainly is no Oscar-material. Doesn't mean I don't like him or enjoy watching his movies, does it?!
Since he is pretty young I have most his movies though I'm not up to date lately.

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Movie - Matt Damon

Actor: Matt Damon

I'm not really a fan of Matt Damon so do speak but I like the guy and I like movies he's in. Since I have 12 movies with Matt he has his very own list, too. Plus: I'm pretty sure there's going to be more. I'm not trying to pick up the whole collection at once but I'm certainly going to keep an eye on him and his acting.
Here is what I have so far:

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Movie - Hugo Weaving

Actor: Hugo Weaving

To be honest ... actually Hugo Weaving is not one of the actors I'm looking for when I'm buying a new DVD and I was rather surprised when I set up the lists and realized that he is in 10 movies. Of course there's two trilogies (Matrix & Lord of the rings) and without those he would be just another entry on the normal list of actors. But thinking about it ... I rather like the guy and just because I never actually looked for his name on the covers doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing or hearing him ;)
Therefore: here is the list of movies.

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Movie - Heath Ledger

Actor: Heath Ledger

First time I've seen Heath Ledger on screen was back in 1998/99, watching the TV-Show "Roar" where he played leading character Conor. I liked the guy, thought he was cute but didn't really look him up or was a fan at that time. That was pretty much pre-internet for me so I wouldn't have had too many chances anyway to look up information about him.
Two years later I saw him in "10 Things I hat about you" and "A knight's tale" and what can I say? I've benn a fan ever since.

Heath was the first actor I was an actual fan of, the first actor I actually started buying DVDs of, first actor I had a serious crush on ...
He was an awesome actor with a beautiful, deep voice. I loved interviews and such since he always managed to seem so nice and "normal" pretty much like the guy next door. His death really shocked my and I haven't been watching many of his movies since he died on January 22nd, 2008. But still ... I loved his movies and still do and I have most of them on DVD:

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Movie - Moviestrips

List: Genres

This is a list of the genres. Click on any genre for a list of the movies. I can't guarantee that these are correct. I'm no good in saying which gerne a movie belongs to. These lists are constantly changing as I adapt the genres for the movies and I'm happy to change stuff if you tell me that I got it wrong. Just inform me about my mistakes ;)
Anywho ... here is the list:
Movie - Moviestrips

Genre: Western

Last but not least ... the good old western stuff, wild west, cowboys and native americans, horses, rough men ... awwww! Used to like these when I was a kid ... and I still do. Still only 19 movies in here, though.

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