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Actor: Heath Ledger

First time I've seen Heath Ledger on screen was back in 1998/99, watching the TV-Show "Roar" where he played leading character Conor. I liked the guy, thought he was cute but didn't really look him up or was a fan at that time. That was pretty much pre-internet for me so I wouldn't have had too many chances anyway to look up information about him.
Two years later I saw him in "10 Things I hat about you" and "A knight's tale" and what can I say? I've benn a fan ever since.

Heath was the first actor I was an actual fan of, the first actor I actually started buying DVDs of, first actor I had a serious crush on ...
He was an awesome actor with a beautiful, deep voice. I loved interviews and such since he always managed to seem so nice and "normal" pretty much like the guy next door. His death really shocked my and I haven't been watching many of his movies since he died on January 22nd, 2008. But still ... I loved his movies and still do and I have most of them on DVD:

10 Things I Hate About You

Brokeback Mountain
Brothers Grimm, The


Dark Knight, The

Four Feathers, The

I'm Not There

Knight's Tale, A

Lords of Dogtown

Monster's Ball

Ned Kelly

Order, The

Patriot, The

Roar - Season 1 (Only Season)

Two Hands