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List: Actors

I have the tendency to by movies based on the actors that are in the movie. Since I do that a lot more often with actors than with actresses, the list of actors I find interesting is a lot longer and therefore divided into parts. They are sorted (again) according to Name, Fist Name.
Since I have some actors wherer I actually collect their movies every actor with 10 or more movies in my list has an extra page. They are listed in the beginning of this post followed by the number of DVDs I own.

Bloom, Orlando (12)
Damon, Matt (13)
Depp, Johnny (24)
Jackman, Hugh (15)
Kane, Christian (19)
Ledger, Heath (17)
Pitt, Brad (15)
Weaving, Hugo (10)

Other actors: A-C | D-H | I-R | S-Z

And since I don't only buy movies because some actor I fancy is playing a part:
List of movies with no special actor/actress