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Genre: Sports

Well ... this is ... everything. *lol* Diving, football, basketball, whatever. Movies that revolve mainly around some sort of sport can be found here. Martial arts, too. Don't have many of those so I didn't want to put them up in an extra category. Only 6 DVDs so far.
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Genre: Science Fiction

Again one of those genres I rather like ... still just 43 DVDs in here. *surprised*

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Genre: Romance

Aww ... I love romantic movies ... can't help it. 62 DVDs.

actually surprised there isn't more ...Collapse )


Genre: Music

Movies about musicians, movies with lots of singing or dancing ... all stuff that revolves around music somehow ;) 22 DVDs.

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Genre: Horror

I'm not big on horror movies to be honest. These are horror or mystery. 25 DVDs so far.

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Genre: German

Not really a genre ... just a list of all my german movies. Don't have plenty of those, but there's still 9 DVDs that are german movies. *lol*

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Genre: Gay/Special Interest

This list is a bit of a mix but I didn't want to put up too many genres since they are just a few movies each. These are: Gay movies, movies with hints of BDSM, transsexuality or transgender therefore "Special interest" *lol* There's currently 13 DVDs in this category.

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Genre: Fantasy

Some more movies again ... 53 so far.

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Genre: Family

This list might not be complete ... I didn't want to have to many genres and added a little later *whops* Sorry 'bout that. I will update he list as I go along and review my DVDs. So far it's only 12 dvds here.

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Genre: Drama

I like dramas, I love movies that make me cry ... that's why there are 151 movies in this category ;)

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