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Movie Madness

Reviews for Movies & TV-Shows

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An increasing amount of DVDs and Reviews for Movies and TV-shows
This is not a community where you can join and put up your own reviews/movies. That would be way too hard to maintain (I was thinking about it, but decided against it). But you can comment on any post/review and discuss the movies on the lists with others.

Basically this is MY DVD collection with increasing numbers. The plan is to put up reviews for ALL the movies listed here so far. If you have any questions just head over to the FAQ post and leave me a comment. Other than that: enjoy reading through the list and feel free to share your opinion. ;)

IMPORTANT: Please don't post offending comments. If you don't like a movie that's fine, if you don't like an actor or an actress, that's fine. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but I will delete any post that offends an actor/actress, another person in this community or are otherwise insulting.